Stainless steel filters with nylon mesh

Our history allows us to produce and supply customized filters and stainless steel filter cartridges for air treatment for the most diverse industrial, naval and agricultural sectors. The nylon meshes or nets allow regeneration by simple washing with considerable savings to protect the investment, as well as respect for the environment. In fact, the nylon filter net is easily washable and will last for years with normal use.

Stainless steel cartridges with nylon mesh are available in different lengths and – in addition to standard lengths – custom-made models can be created.
Variable micronages allow you to use these filters for a variety of applications.
This type of washable filter cartridge is ideal for the naval sector such as hydrofoils, tugs, fishing boats and boats in general of any size, to overcome the problems due to salt and dust in general in air filtration.

Pleating processing and filter assembly with vs. pads and sheets
Pleated in 40 micron nylon canvas
Bonding with epox resins – T max : 110 °C
Washable version
Paper version same as code 1002692

Type: special filter

DIMENSIONS 398X335/120/0 mm H. TOT 580 mm
Dimensional tolerances : depending on the material in c/working
Pleating and gluing filter assembly with epox-T resins max : 110 °C

– Pleated in 40 micron nylon canvas
– Very wide galvanized external mesh

– Internal sheet metal
– Back its + inf.

Contact and advice
We have created special filters for Caterpillar and MTU primary engines and for various generator sets. We accept special requests for the realization of stainless steel filters and not with nylon mesh customized and / or executive design provided by you, even in limited quantities.

Contact us to find together the best solution for your specific needs.

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