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Donaldson PowerCore Filtration Technology

PowerCore Filtration Technology delivers peak air filtration performance in a compact size. Millions of units are installed around the world and itís becoming the new standard for premium filtration on diesel-powered vehicles.

You've got Donaldson PowerCore Filtration Technology on your side.

Today's streamlined vehicle designs, higher horsepower engines and governmental emissions requirements mean less space under the hood and outside the cab. Donaldson PowerCore filtration technology lets you cut space without reducing performance.

Straight-through Air Flow

  • Reduced space needs ó by as much as half that of a conventional filter

  • Maximum air filter design flexibility

  • Increased dust and soot holding capacity

  • Reduced restriction across the filter

PowerCore Air Filters

  • Easier and cleaner to service

  • Lighter

  • Non-metal

  • Rugged construction

Contaminants stay inside the filter and won’t drop back into an unprotected air filter housing.

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NBC is an authorized distributor for Donaldson PowerCore

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